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The Citywide Pedestrian Plan is an initiative to make Glendale a safe, pleasant and convenient place to walk or roll – whether for work, school, shopping or just for fun and fitness.

It is a long-term plan for Glendale with near term steps for action. The Plan will establish a comprehensive, centralized, and coordinated approach to improving pedestrian infrastructure, safety, and demand with Glendale. It is funded through a $500,000 Caltrans Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant.

A draft of Part 2: Taking Steps (the Draft Citywide Pedestrian Plan) is ready for your review and comment. Use the links to the right to read the Executive Summary or full plan and take this short survey to share your thoughts. Comments will be accepted through October 31, 2017.

Walking is the most universal, affordable, healthy and environmentally-sensitive form of transportation. It’s how most of us get around at one time or another, whether stepping out of our cars, or off a bus! The Glendale Citywide Pedestrian Plan will make Glendale a safer, more pleasant, and more convenient place for walking.

The plan is made up of two Parts: Part 1: Taking Stock, and Part 2: Taking Steps.

Part 1, completed in September 2016, paints a picture of the pedestrian environment in Glendale today, and serves as bench-marking tool for future planning efforts. You can read the Executive Summary of Taking Stock or the full report. You can read the Executive Summary of Taking Stock or the full report using the links on the right side of the page.

To develop Part 2, which explains what the City of Glendale should do to make Glendale a safer and better place to walk, the project team worked closely with the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee for 10 months to develop project and program recommendations.

Part 2: Taking Steps identifies what the city and its partners can do to make it easier and safer to walk in Glendale. Throughout the month of October 2017, we’ll be taking the draft plan out to the community to hear your feedback on our recommendations. Then we’ll make final changes to the plan and present it to the City Council for adoption.

Many of you participated in our pop-up activities through the spring and summer of 2016, telling us what would get you walking more often in Glendale.

Now, you can review the draft plan and provide your feedback. You can also learn more about upcoming events on our Calendar.  And don’t forget to visit our  “Get Involved” page for information on ways to participate in making Glendale safer for everyone, regardless of how they’re traveling.