Glendale students K-8 are invited to design a poster using one of the following safety messages:

  • Always wear a helmet when riding your bike or scooter
  • Cross the street at the crosswalk
  • Always make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street
  • Look all four ways before you cross: left, right, front and back
  • Don’t talk or text on your phone when crossing the street (put those headphones away, too)

A winner in each grade level will receive a $25 Amazon gift card and the winning poster will be featured on this website. Winners will also be recognized at an upcoming Glendale City Council meeting.

DEADLINE: 5:00 pm on Wednesday, May 15, 2019.

Mail or hand deliver your entry to:

City of Glendale
633 E. Broadway, Suite 201
Glendale, CA 91206
Attention: Juan Gonzalez

Fill out the entry form completely to make sure we can contact you.

Download Entry Form